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TechMBA Web Dev Basics Bootcamp

Sat, May 10 at Columbia Business School

The Web Dev Basics bootcamp is a simple approach to learning web development for business professionals. In one day, you build your own website using PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS, figuring out the nuances of debugging on-the-fly. You also have access to TechMBA for 2 months after the workshop, which has recordings of each session so that you can catch-up or get ahead. Learn more.

Eventbrite - Web Dev Basics Bootcamp, May 2014

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Have an idea for a tech company, or want to join an early stage start-up, but aren't sure what you bring to the table?

This program will teach you how to launch a successful tech company without disappearing for months and learning how to code

Sure you've learned strategy, financial modeling, and have digested hundreds of cases, but startups need you to bring value that translates to products, users, and marketing immediately. We will bring you up to speed so that every startup will be begging for you. We will build on the skills you already have and transform you into a tech machine.

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We launch a massive knowledge program every month covering a new area to allow you to provide real value to tech start-ups or start your own thing.

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